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 Steve Norkus with Sierra Nevada Properties

         Please take some time to check out my website and contact me directly with any questions (yes,I respond quickly)
         If you are looking at this website, you may have interest in selling your home or even buying a home. I have several features below that will help you decide on how to go about this adventure.

        1. You will be able to search the exact neighborhoods you have interest in.
        2. The home valuation or home estimate is a tool that will give an estimated value of your home.
        3. A market snapshot of the Reno/sparks Real Estate trends.

        There are other features built into the top of my webpage as well



                                             I have been in outside sales for over 18 years. I can promise you that I am a person who thrives on building relationships
                                            with my clients. It is vital that my clients know, without doubt, that I am the right choice for your Real Estate Professional.
                                            Make sure to send me your email address so that I can send an exciting Real Estate App for your phone or tablet.
                                            This App is a newer App which many believe is better then the other Apps used for home searches. You will be able to track
                                            the market in your neighborhood. This allows you to keep your eye on the pricing as well as sold homes.
                                            There is even a great feature that allows you to point your phone at a house, click a button and see the available information 
                                            about that house almost instantly!

                                             Cool stuff huh?
                                             Until we meet,
                                             Steve Norkus