My story:

Well, I am not going to talk about where I went to school or how tough life was or even what I have done my adult life.
We already hear these stories everyday from the people we meet.
Let me tell you a little about living here and experiencing Reno for the first time.
When I moved to Reno, and learned more about the surrounding areas, I was excited to find a place in the country that has so much to offer.
I had lived on the East coast and in Florida for many years.  I really enjoyed my life there along with the people and relationships I had there.
When most people first hear about Reno, they think it’s a small town in the west with a little gambling and something called Burning Man?
For those of you that have lived here for a while, you already know how amazing this place really is and it cannot be expressed in conversation, you have to experience it.
The exciting part is really for the people that are relocating here, You folks get to go through what I felt when I moved here and words can’t express it.
I look forward to meeting you,
Steve Norkus

please contact me at your convenience.